Staking and Revenue Sharing

sMARE and uMARE represents the staked version of MARE. The main goal for staking is to distribute protocol revenue and VARA rewards with stakers.

Stakers will get %80 of the protocol revenue and 80% of VARA rewards for the first 3 months. After team tokens start to get unlocked, stakers will start to get 100% of the protocol revenue.

Protocol revenue is generated from taking a fee based on reserve factors for different pools. The more riskier the pool is, the more fees will be generated this way.

There will be 2 different pools for staking. One of them will be sMARE where the rewards will be used for buying MARE from the market and distributing it to sMARE stakers.

The other will be uMARE where the rewards will be used for buying USDC from market and distributing it to uMARE stakers.

Reward tokens are shared with stakers on a weekly basis because of Equilibre Finance epochs. First rewards will be distributed 1 week later than the protocol deployment.

When you wish to unstake, there will be 1 week delay. For example, if you staked and want to unstake in 21 February 2023, you will be able to withdraw your tokens in 28 February 2023. This is a precaution for just-in-time stakers.

sMARE Features

  • Because we will be distributing VARA rewards, there will be 1 week lock period for sMARE to prevent just-in-time stakers (generally bots). Other than that, there will be no lockup period for sMARE.

  • Revenues will be distributed based on your share of total sMARE supply. (If you have 100k sMARE and there is total of 1M sMARE , you'll be entitled to %10 of the rewards.

MARE stakers receive 100% of the protocol revenue after 3 months.

MARE stakers also receive 80% of the VARA earned through farming.

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