Reward Emissions and Bribes

Reward Emissions and Bribes

  • $MAREwill be rewarded to users who lend/borrow tokens in the protocol. Emissions will take place for 3 years.

  • $MARE reward emissions will decrease over time.

  • For liquidity, Mare Finance will be bribing Equilibre Finance on a weekly basis. Instead of giving tokens freely to liquidity providers, Mare Finance chose this way. Earned VARA will be distributed to $MARE stakers.

  • For the first month, $MARE supply emissions rate will be equal to borrow emissions rate. After the first month, it will be %10-%70-%20 Supply-Borrow-Bribe. The rates can be adjusted via governance in order to keep up with the market.​

Emission Schedule

$MARE emissions over month. y-axis represents $MARE amount, x-axis represents time (every 1 tick represents 1 month or specifically 30-days)

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